Lance’s 100th birthday milestone became the driving force behind a much bigger activation and strategy.

Prior to its birthday year, it was apparent the brand was losing traction among moms, a key consumer group. After conducting focus groups and research, it was clear there was a perception problem. Moms needed the facts on Lance and the goodness of their product lineup.

We kicked off 2013 by re-establishing the brand’s presence online with a revamped website and social media communities. These drove home the goodness of Lance in a fun way, providing recipes and activities for moms and kids to take part in with Lance products.

With a foundation in place, Lance’s official birthday celebration began with the 100 Ways To Win program. Promoted in store, through digital ads and with online influencers, the program encouraged moms to take part in daily challenges, which would in turn give them a shot at prizes including $100,000 toward a dream birthday party.

The influencer outreach component of the program was key. Videos created with well-followed YouTubers helped to show Lance in a new and meaningful way to moms.


My role: Strategy Director, Content Director, Video Producer