Much to my delight, Skeletor came to life on Twitter today. Or more specifically, he came to life on Honda’s Twitter account. He posted a series of hilarious Tweets aimed at longtime nemesis He-Man, as well as brands like Charmin.


As the Tweets started rolling in from Honda’s account, it seemed the account had been hacked. Not the case at all. In fact, the #Skeletakeover was part of an effort to launch Honda’s new television campaign, which features Skeletor and other retro toys.

Kudos to Honda for finding a fun way to bring social media into a television campaign. While some brands may attempt this sort of integration, most fail because the social media element ends up feeling too forced. This execution, on the other hand, didn’t feel forced at all. It was rooted in humor, which can play well on the Interwebs. Plus, Honda¬†wasn’t afraid to engage with other brands and find relevant ways to tap into existing hashtags like #ManCrushMonday.