This week, the PGA TOUR reached a Facebook milestone – one million likes. About five months ago, we hit a similar milestone on Twitter – one million followers.

I’ve always said it’s not about the numbers; it’s about the engagement with the community. And that’s still a true sentiment. But these milestones are still things to celebrate because they validate the quality and creativity of the content. They validate the fact that the community has been responding well to our content and that we’ve been listening.

Since adding an Analyst to our Content Team at the PGA TOUR, we’ve made it a formal practice to constantly evaluate how our content is resonating with fans. Where we need to tweak, we tweak. Where we see an opportunity to amplify something that’s performing well, we amplify. And where we need to refrain from doing something in the future, we refrain. It’s this combination of analytics and creativity that’s pushed us to these milestones. And it’s that combination that will keep pushing us further.

This type of relationship between data and content and the way that we can track it and adjust in the moment is new to the media landscape. It’s creating new disciplines and even new career paths. And for those publishers and brands that are paying attention, it’s creating serious opportunities. As a brand that’s looking to get on the radar of new fans and to cut through old stereotypes, this is key for long-term success. This week, as we hit one of what I hope will be many more milestone to come, I’m proud to be working with and leading a team that’s embracing this approach.