In 2014, Spanish golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez joined the Champions Tour and earned a victory his first week out. Around the same time, he also played extraordinarily well at The Masters.

In addition to playing well, Jimenez is also somewhat of a unique character, particularly in the golf world. The Spaniard is known for his flowing blonde ponytail, the signature cigar in his mouth during play and of course his love of good wine.

Inspired by Jimenez’s larger-than-life persona and his victory, we drew comparisons to the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World,” with Jimenez being the real-life version of this character. We crafted statements about Jimenez and meme-worthy graphics to go along with them. Some of the statements included: “Arnold Palmer orders the ‘Miguel Jimenez’ at restaurants”; “Trophies long to kiss him”; and “He may miss fairways but they miss him more.”

The Miguel Memes were posted to one central spot on PGATOUR.COM, along with a blank version of the photo so that fans could make their own. PGA TOUR-crafted memes were shared to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. From there, the community responded in a big way, sharing their own memes about Jimenez in comments on PGATOUR.COM and across social media. The best of the fan-created memes were gathered and shared on PGATOUR.COM.

Between the memes crafted by the PGA TOUR and the ones crafted by fans, the execution helped the TOUR to engage current fans and to reach new audiences about a player many of them hadn’t heard of. A byproduct was that people were also exposed to the PGA TOUR in a new light—and one that’s also indicative of the direction we’re heading in online.

It’s also notable that this execution earned a Cynopsis Sports Award in the “Hashtag Promotion” category.










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