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  • Nov 05, 12

    If you haven’t experienced near field communication (NFC) technology, Geekend is your chance! This year we’re partnering with Buzz Band to launch unique RFID experiences throughout the event.

    As a Geekend attendee, you’ll be able to seamlessly share event check-ins and photos straight to Facebook by scanning the Buzz Band sticker on the back of your badge. Once you register you’ll also be automatically entered to win two free tickets to Geekend 2013, plus a hotel stay.

    Participation is easy. To register, enter the 14-digit number on your RFID sticker at or scan your sticker at our Buzz Band registration station at the SCAD Museum of Art. If you aren’t already logged in, enter your Facebook login information, click “Go to App” and then select “Allow.”

    Once you’re done, you’ll be able to scan your badge at various Buzz Band stations to check in, share photos and more! It’s good to be a geek!

  • Oct 31, 12

    At Geekend, it goes without saying that there are some sweet perks for being a geek. For the photo-obsessed — you know who you are — our “Why #Instagram is #Instagood” session with Ian Leslie of the Savannah College of Art and Design will be right up your alley! We’ve also got some awesome RFID-enabled photo-ops up our sleeve. But of course, we couldn’t stop there.

    We wanted to offer up an easy way for attendees to see Savannah while also getting the most out of our schedule of sessions and networking events, so we created our Instagram Savannah tour!

    We’re partnering up with Old Savannah Tours to offer this private tour of historic downtown Savannah to members of the Geekend tribe. We’ll meet up at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday to snap shots of the most picturesque places in town at a discount of $18 from the original $25 price tag. Just visit our Eventbrite page and select the Instagram Savannah option to register and then hop on the trolley awaiting us at the SCAD Museum of Art when it’s time!

    A picture is worth a thousand words, so get ready to start making statements! Your Instagram followers will thank you!

  • Oct 24, 12

    If you’ve attended Geekend before, you probably remember our robot mascots. With each new edition of the event comes a fresh troop of Geekbots — our robot characters that adorn signs, T-shirts and other Geekend swag.

    This year we’ve unleashed our Geekbot friends into the intergalactic wild. Anyone can download, print and assemble one of these little guys (as well as Geekend avatars and wallpapers) for fun or photo ops! Share your creations with us on Facebook or Twitter and who knows what goodness may come your way.

    The team at BFG took some notes from Red Bull’s Stratos project and created this stop-motion video of our Geekbot exploring the outer limits of space. After all, this year’s Geekend is going to be out of this world! Hope you enjoy.

    Geekend Geekbot in Space from Geekend on Vimeo.

  • Sep 27, 12

    There is no shortage of networking opportunities at each annual Geekend event. Between impromptu inter-session mingling, rockin’ after-parties and interactive conference activities, you’ll definitely leave with new friends and business contacts. Of course, handing out business cards is a popular way to share contact information and create a longer-lasting impression. It also goes without saying that at Geekend, we like to turn things up a notch.

    This year we’re partnering with MOO to offer all Geekend attendees 50 free premium business cards that can be personalized for the 2012 conference! One set of cards can include up to 50 different photos. Also, a QR code can direct smartphones to your website or online portfolio.

    So start brainstorming creative ideas for your cards — you never know how they might pay off! Once you have the ideal concept to showcase your inner geek, head on over to MOO’s Geekend page before October 29 (November 1 with a rush fee) to send in your design. You’ll be able to pick up your creations at Geekend on November 9-10.

    See you there!
    Geekend Crew

  • Sep 13, 12

    Let’s face it. Hacking doesn’t have the best reputation in the media. PR stunts by hacker groups like Anonymous that make international news don’t necessarily help with this general outlook. But contrary to popular belief, hacking is actually a good thing.

    Geeks that checked out last year’s Hackathon know that hacking isn’t about taking down popular websites and wreaking havoc on the Internet as much as possible. Hacking is all about working with what you have to achieve a certain goal, stitching together ideas until a final viable product is achieved. Hacking is a vital part of today’s culture.

    This year at Geekend we’ll be hearing about all this and more from our keynote speaker Kevin Curry, Program Director with Code for America! In his “Hacking As A Civic Duty” talk, we’ll hear about his experiences working with the Code for America Brigade, a community engagement program, along with insight that illuminates the positive things that the hacker community can achieve.

    We hope you’ll leave ready to leverage your many talents for the greater good. Prepare to be inspired!

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